Are YOU aware of Lyme Disease?

Sorry I haven’t written any posts for so long. I’ve been too busy mopping up puke.

My little boy has vomited almost every day for the last three months. The house smells like a bleach factory, and I am buying new mops from the local hardware store so often that the cashier there thinks I fancy him, and am just buying the mops as an excuse to hang out. Lately, he has started hiding behind the screwdriver display when I show up, and making his mum serve me.

Protection from unwanted housewife stalkers...
Is a housewife stalking you? Try using these…

Why has my son been chundering so much? Well, he’s got Lyme disease. I already had it when I got pregnant, without knowing it – since hardly any doctors know how to recognise it. They usually misdiagnose you with hypochondria instead. And so my son was born with congenital Lyme.

My son has been taking combined antibiotics for the last 3 years, non stop, but Lyme disease is one of the most antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the world. It’s worse than syphilis and tuberculosis, both of which often need over a year of antibiotics to eradicate. One person in three with Lyme disease never gets cured.

While I’m quoting statistics, I’d also like to mention that Lyme disease worldwide is now spreading four times faster than AIDS. Where is the government research? Where are the sequinned, star-spangled Hollywood fundraising events?

Nobody even knows about Lyme disease. Once you get diagnosed with it, it’s like entering a secret society of the knowing, like the Freemasons or the Illuminati or maybe Mossad. Only we, the Diseased Ones, know how widespread it is. Only we know that research has proven 80% of cases of autism are caused by Lyme disease. Only we know that once you get Lyme disease, your life will never be the same again.

Forget eyeballs on pyramids - this is the top secret symbol of The Diseased Ones; a Lyme-disease awareness ribbon
Forget eyeballs on pyramids – this is the top secret symbol of The Diseased Ones; a Lyme-disease awareness ribbon

So, well, apart from the endless retching, what else is Lyme disease doing to my son? He cannot hold a pen and write properly because his hands are too weak. He’s lost physical co-ordination and often drops things, or falls over for no reason. He has headaches nearly every day. When he is tired, he cannot see properly. His knee joints are arthritic and sometimes he limps. He cannot run, he just shuffles along in slow motion when trying to play with his friends. He’s seven years old, by the way. He forgets things that he knows perfectly well, like how to tell the time. I’m currently teaching him that for the third time in two years.

Borrelia Burgdorferi - the bacteria that cause lyme disease (or hypochondria, depending on your personal beliefs)
Borrelia Burgdorferi – the bacteria that cause lyme disease (or hypochondria, depending on your personal beliefs)

Do you know what the worst thing is?

The worst thing is when other people moan and fuss about trivial ailments. I don’t mind offering sympathy to anyone, I really don’t. But when they lack any awareness of proportion, it sometimes makes me want to strangle them.

My neighbour (Mrs. Sterile, in case anyone’s keeping track of the locals in this blog) made more fuss when her son banged his head and got a bruise on it than any cardiac patient I saw in the hospital in England when I was there having heart surgery.

Her son had been riding his tricycle, which tipped over sideways and made him bump his head on the ground. She fainted immediately, then came round and hyperventilated. Her son cried loudly, largely because he was scared by what his mother was doing, which meant he MUST be taken to hospital. The amount of hand-waving and Sicilian cries of desperation exceeded anything I had ever witnessed before. She was even slapping her hands against her forehead the way Arabs do at funerals. All over a bruise about one inch in diameter.

My husband and I were recruited as chauffeurs, since she and her husband were both too hysterical to drive. She did actually coerce my husband to drive up the hard shoulder of the motorway for about a quarter of a mile when we encountered a bit of a traffic jam, by throttling him from behind and pulling out some handfuls of his hair. I think he could have taken the throttling but it was the hair-pulling that convinced him, as he really doesn’t have any surplus to spare.

At the hospital, she fainted again. Once she had been administered to, she screamed and grabbed several doctors by the lapels of their white coats, getting dragged along the corridor since she refused to let go of them, asking them in floods of tears if there was any hope her son would pull through without major brain damage. Then she insisted they put him on a drip for 2 hours – which they did purely because she was disrupting the whole ER department and it was the only way to shut her up. Whilst this was happening, she got out some rosary beads and her husband and she prayed together, except that she couldn’t pray effectively because she was weeping so much. Eventually the hospital found a couple of strong porters to kick her whole family out.

The best part was that, a couple of weeks later, she arranged a special thanksgiving mass to honour Saint Rosalia of Palermo for rescuing her son from the jaws of death. She invited 350 of her closest relatives.

Well, last week she spotted be fetching my son home from school early. I have done that every day he’s been to school, since Christmas. I leave him there and then, sooner or later, the school phones me saying he has vomited, and will I come and get him please? So what did Mrs. Sterile say?

“Oh there’s nothing wrong with him! Look at how big and tall he is. He’s just fooled you into believing he’s ill, because he doesn’t want to go to school.”

His history teacher said roughly the same thing two weeks ago. She thinks he’s mastered the art of hurling at will, just so he can go home early when he’s bored with lessons.

No doubt my seven-year-old ordered himself some of this online...
No doubt my seven-year-old ordered himself some of this online…

Should I show them all the results measuring the high level of Lyme bacteria in his blood? Should I show them the blood test results which demonstrate his immunodeficiency? Yes, Lyme disease damages your immune system. Or should I just run them over next time I get the chance? I know I should be grown up about it and take no notice of them, but take it from me, there’s only so much patience any individual can muster.

Another neighbour even topped this. I had confided in her that I was terrified for my son’s future. He was three years old back then, and had just been diagnosed with autism. We didn’t know he had Lyme disease back then. Lyme disease enters into your brain, and whilst it has horrible effects upon adults, the damage it does to children’s developing brains is particularly devastating. The doctors had told me he was mentally retarded, and may never learn to talk at all.

“Oh, I know just how you feel,” said my neighbour. She then went on to tell me about when her daughter had a “lazy eye”, and had to do eye exercises for a year to correct it.

“It was awful. They told me she might have to wear glasses for the rest of her life,” my devastated neighbour concluded.

“That must have been terrible for you I said,” pushing my spectacles back up my nose. “You must be such a strong person to have got through it.”

If your child or pet suffers from squinting, you can order vision-correcting glasses for them online or in all good joke shops.
If your child or pet suffers from squinting, you can order vision-correcting glasses for them online or in all good joke shops.

Anyway, I’m signing off now.

I have to go down to the hardware store and take a really good, hard look at the screwdriver display.


61 thoughts on “Are YOU aware of Lyme Disease?

  1. Gosh I am sorry.. It makes my problem of an expired driving licence pale into insignificance.

    A couple of years ago when I was on holiday in Sicily, a stray dog turned up at the house covered in ticks. Mrs Sensible wouldn’t let me near it. She said some ticks carry Lymes disease.

    I hope your son recovers

    All the best Pecora Nera


      1. It is a nightmare.

        Plan A is tell large porkies to the DVLA in the UK and say I have been living at my UK address for the past 3 years.
        There is no plan B, however Plan Z is to convert my UK driving licence to an Italian one. I have spent another 40 mins with Signore Cretino at the local transport office. It is not going to well at the moment. I now have 57 days to complete this little task.


      2. I did convert my UK license to an Italian one. It took about 3 months and help of 2 lawyer friends to figure out exactly which public office could do it, and how. Eventually the man who did it wasn’t sure if what he was doing was valid. He simply stuck a micriscopic sticky label on the back with a serial number on it, printed off his computer.
        I’m now driving on a license which still has some validity according to the italian sticker but has long expired according to the actual original UK license.
        I’ve got lots of plan Z’s now, but no plan A at all, unfortunately!!!


    1. My friend has been using a product called limu for her lymes disease and has experienced a dramatic improvement in quality of life.


      1. I’ve been aware of Limu for several years after investigating their claims extensively.
        It’s MLM (MultiLevelMarketing) at it’s finest. (That’s not a compliment.)
        The owners of it have profited from the selling of it to the unaware who believe the hype.
        “a few years ago […]the FDA forced the maker of Royal Tongan Limu to destroy approximately $2.7 million worth of the stuff because of unsubstantiated health claims.”
        The quote above is from Dr. Weil’s statement where he said that the present claims are ‘toned down’ a bit since then. He went on to say:
        “I can find no evidence that limu will do you any good at all.”


      2. Cave, that info does not surprise me at all.
        My own reaction, once I had looked up Limu and found it is just seaweed, was that you cannot cure an antibiotic-resistant multi-organic bacterial infection with any kind of aquatic vegetable.
        If only!!!!


  2. wow; i’m stunned reading this and i’m sorry you must go through this as part of your lives. coming from australia i’d heard of lyme’s disease, understood that it affects the immune system, but never realised it was something that could be passed on congenitally.
    i will never whine about having the sniffles again.


    1. And look out for ticks!
      People with Lyme disease in Australia have a terrible time, as the government and medical establishment claims it doesn’t exist there, which is nonsense. Ticks have lyme disease all over the world. Australians have to fly to America for treatment – only if they can afford it, of course…..


  3. That sounds like a terrible disease, There seems to be an big increase in these auto immune diseases. I have Sarcoidosis, whilst mine is frealtively minor I know it can develop into someothing more serious.

    your neighbour did seem to over react, even if what you said was embelished a little (or did they really drag her round clutching onto lapels?) but people do get caught up in the issues that affects them more than issues that affect other people outside their circle.

    If they didnt and always was of the opinion that there are others with worse issues so they couldnt complain, then no one would complain.

    Hope your son recovers from this lyme disease, is it something that is curable?


    1. I swear I did not employ my usual exaggeration, she literally dangled on their lapels. If anything I understated what she did. It was literally unbelievable to witness.
      In fairness to her, she did actualy laugh afterwards and admit she went a bit over the top.

      Anyway, Lyme. My doctor said 70% of patients are fully healed and almost 100% of children can be healed, though it does often take years of antibiotics.

      I’m sorry to hear about your sarcoidosis. Is it well controlled with medication?
      Lyme disease, if untreated for a long time, can trigger various auto-immune illnesses and I think sarcoidosis can be one of them. I’ve got auto-immune antibodies but nobody can figure out exactly what they are directed against – not that they’ve tried very hard to figure it out. Ho hum. Lyme disease still seems to be my biggest enemy so far…


      1. and there was me thinking you used artisitc licence, but wow, she is officially awarded the over dramatic badgeof the year.

        My sarcoidosis is very mild, visually I just have 3 marks on my skin. I was told that is was in my lungs but then I had a cat scan and they said it wasnt in my lungs. (whether it was there and left or was never there in the first place) I dont know.

        so because it is mild I dont take medication, if I get a flare up ill go for some tests and that has been twice since 2008 (when I was diagnosed), but yeah I worry about it sometimes as it can get worse for no apparent reason.

        I hope your boy finanlly manages to overcome it.


      2. Ha ha! I liked the dramatic chipmunk!
        I’m glad your sarcoidosis is not too severe.
        My doctor did tell me that all auto-immune diseases are helped by taking vitamin D, which apparently keeps the immune system balanced and on the right track. He told me to take the usual adult dose of 2000 IU daily, and It has been keeping my auto-antibodies at a much lower level than before I took it. For what it’s worth.


  4. As a avid Sicily visitor I’ve been enjoying your blog tremendously.
    I’m so sorry for your little boy. Lyme is indeed one of the most ill diagnosed diseases there is. thank you for making us more aware of it. I sincerely hope a cure will be found soon. In the meanwhile I wish you and your boy lots of lovely neighbours with more empathy than the ones you so aptly described.


  5. I know of Lyme disease as we lived in Eastern France, where there is a high occurence of the disease. I’m amazed how downright ignorant and insensitive people can be; it must be physically exhausting for your son, to say nothing of the effect it must have on his morale. I’d recommend buying yourself a few of those screwdrivers and a Hannibal Lector mask. Whip them out and scream the next time Mrs Sterile bugs you, that way she’ll keel over and stays down for long enough for you to escape.


    1. A Hannibal Lector mask sounds EXACTLY what I need!
      And there I was, pathetically trying to find out where to order a pair of those ridiculous spectacles, so I could put them on next time anyone moans about their trivia, and tell them I have suddenly developed auto-inflicted exophthalmia (that’s the medical term for bulging eyeballs).
      But of course, psychotic cannibal is a much better way to go!!!!


  6. Hi, if you rmember me, I also have a blog focusing on Lyme disease. However, like you, I haven’t been on it for a while. I am currently undergoing frequency treatments (Doug Coil Rife machine). My herxing takes up most of my time. I was excited to see your new post, and I will share it. I couldn’t agree more. If only more people were better informed. Your blog is great! I love your witt. Thanks for sharing.


  7. I live in an area where deer ticks and Lyme disease are prevalent. Though most people I know were able to be cleared with antibiotics in a few months (even if they’d had Lyme’s for awhile before diagnosis), there are one or two with persistent, long-term medical problems.

    My heart breaks for you and your son; there’s such a disagreement among the experts whether prolonged antibiotic therapy helps or hurts.
    One paper that says it doesn’t help:

    One paper that says it can:

    From the evidence in the latter paper, you might want your docs to test for co-infection with other diseases (if that hasn’t been done already). Probiotics for your son also may help his nausea, since the gut flora are destroyed by antibiotics.

    I hope he can find relief!


    1. Hi,
      We’re on the same track here, as the doctor is planning to modify my son’s treatment working on the assumption that he also has bartonella. He tested negative for it, but only two strains are lab-testable and apparently most people in Europe catch a different, as yet non-testable strain.

      I read those reports on prolonged treatment, but the problem with them is their definition of “prolonged”. They tried prolonged treatment by prolonging the treatment from one month to two months! Which is not my idea of prolonged treatment. It is stil nowhere near long enough.
      Nobody would give only 2 months of antibiotics to someone with syphilis or TB, and then claim “prolonged treatment doesn’t work” if those patients still didn’t recover.

      Anyone with sound medical knowledge could think this through for themselves, but unfortunately one of the most powerful lobbies in the world of medical care and also research these days is the medical insurance companies. They do not want to pay out for years of antibiotics to treat people with Lyme disease. My current antibiotic programme costs 144 Euros a month – you can see how that would add up for a medical insurance company if treatment were continued for months or years, which is often necessary.

      The only reason people with TB or syphilis do get the long treatment they need is because they are transmissible directly from person to person, and the CDC has to make sure an epidemic doesn’t break out.


  8. How often do you go back to BCA, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m looking at going this summer and want to know the kind of financial commitment I’m making here… :/

    I’m so sorry to hear of your son’s illness as well as your own. But y’know, that goes without saying for us in ‘the club’. Argh. what a mess. 😦


  9. A very sad tale, and especially to watch her son suffer on an island of ignorance, not there fault there just isn’t anything in the press, and italians read less than any other nation. I know of Lyme Disease from America,where there are a lot of active protests for research. I am also aware of the lack of sympathy and understanding to chronic and terminal illnesses over here, as when ever my sister visits who has MS, by the end of her time at casa mia 5 stelle R&R, neighbours and family members say she’s “cured” as she looks better… lets just ignore the fact she can hardly walk, has virtually no cognitive memory etc. Also when I was devastated that my now 5 year old nephew has Duchennes Muscular Dystropy,(which I believe is the cruelest way for any child to die, which they sadly generally do by the age of 18, as every muscular function goes including lungs etc) the questions and comments I received ranged from there must be someone in your family with it -no, to thing I cannot write. However, a suggestion for you what my brother has now done for my nephew, as medical and pharmaceutical companies are only interested in big illnesses that make millions, or forget it. (This is a fact I have a fried at the top of one who is used to my outbursts on the matter.)You can set up a charity or family fund, (it is very easy in the UK) to support a univerity research group that is doing research in the illness for a cure, improved medication etc, (there will be one somewhere in the world and a day’s research only costs £150 a day, and then registeryour cause on then when your friends and family etc do any shopping online with 1000s of shops including Amazon John Lewis Marks and Spencers and 10% is given tothe chosen charity. Then you can do different sonsored eventsetc. If nothing else it’ll stop you getting so angry and frustrated you are doing nothing. Every little helps.


      1. I’m sorry you are not well and without energy, I hope it is sunny on the west of the island, if so, sit outside and soak it up, get lots of oranges, bananas and tomatoes to boost your spirits. Let me know if you want help in setting up a charity, I’d be happy to help.


  10. I’m so, so sorry to hear about this. A good friend of mine has Lyme disease and suffered for a number of years before being diagnosed. In between, people kept telling her she looked “fine” when she barely had enough energy to get out of bed. My heart goes out to your poor little boy who has to suffer through this. Hugs and blessings to your family.


  11. So sorry to hear this awful news! This disease is quite common here in the US. Have you been to England with your son for treatment? If not, there is info on CDC in US regarding this disease. Or Google the Mayo Clinic and see what they say. I will keep you and your son in my thoughts. Diane


  12. Ugh! I’m so sorry to hear about your son… and then on top of it that you have to deal with people flippantly waving it off like it’s pretend. I would have throttled a few neighbors by now! Best wishes and I hope your son recovers. 😦


  13. Being from Massachusetts USA I am very much aware of Lyme Disease. We are only a couple of hour drive from Lyme Connecticut. I have a friend who was diagnosed years ago and has frequent flare ups. What I didn’t know was the connection with Autism. We have more and more cases of Autism being diagnosed here. In all the people I know whose children have some form of Autism none of them have ever mentioned Lyme.

    I’m sorry your son has to deal with this all the time. There is nothing worse then the feeling of not being able to help our children. I hope he is feeling better. Next time you run to the hardware store maybe you should see if they carry bicycle helmets. You could always leave it in front of Mrs Sterile’s house.


    1. I still cannot understand why the Lyme-autism connection is so little know. They’ve shown it in 3 separate research studies. I did read that in some parts of the US it is included in the standard workup/screening for kids with autism, but apparently not enough places!

      I really would suggest to your friends that they have their kids tested. Even when children are fairly old and have quite bad autism, treatiung them with antibiotics can make the autism symptoms go away. My son was a prettyy bad case, all he did was lie on the floor spinning things and self harming. At 3 he couldn’t talk at al or even understand speech. Nowadays he’s bilingual and when I tell people he was once diagnosed as autistic, some people literally refuse to believe me.

      This is a film from You Tube about a boy in France whose autism is cured with antibiotics – the strange irony is that his doctor doesn’t actually realise this works because the kid has Lyme. When you know the symptoms of Lyme and you look at autistic kids, you can understand all their little quirks – everything makes sense.


      1. Thank you. I will talk to one of the girls I work with. She has a teenage son who has Asbergers and while he functions at a pretty high level he has a lot of behavior issues. I doubt he has ever been tested for Lyme.


  14. How unfair life can be. I especially resent that fact when children are affected. Someone above mentioned adding in probiotics to the regimen. Whenever my husband or I has to take a long course of antibiotics for any reason (He had Lyme disese, I had chronic H. Pylori – the stomach ulcer bacterium.), our docs tell us to take over-the-counter probiotics tablets. Ask your doctor, I guess. Regular yogurt that still contains active, live bacteria is another source of good bacteria to help balance the gut.

    One of my (now grown) sons has ulcerative colitis, finally diagnosed when he was nearly five. He had sore knees, weakness, frequent vomiting, loose bowels, headaches, depression, etc. His treatment was and is daily (forever) prescription anti-inflammatory medication, plus a little extra folic to make up for the fact that the meds he takes diminish the natural bacteria in his gut, and it turns out that gut bacteria actually produce a lot of good stuff for us, including some folic acid.

    That is one of two chronic diseases he has had since childhood (since birth, I would guess) and takes daily meds for. I, too, had to keep my work schedule flexible, all the way through his high school years, so I could fetch him from school whenever they called. But, the good news is that he is now a pretty healthy adult! So hang in there.


    1. Hi!
      We have been including probiotics all along actually. The doctor was most emphatic that nobody can take long-term antibiotics without taking high dose probiotics throughout the treatment.

      I’m glad to hear your son is quite healthy these days. It’s heart breaking to see a child ill all the time, but at least a healty adulthood is some compensation.


  15. Hi, I am very sorry to hear this. In our blogs we use so much humour, nobody really knows what’s behind every bloggers “real life” – thank you for sharing with us all your predicament and situation. Sounds like you have been through a lot of difficult times, I have not heard of lyme disease, maybe I read of someone else’s having it in a blog, but don’t really know anything about it, how one gets it etc. I hope with time and treatment your son will improve, it seems you are doing all you can and are very well informed and you’ve probably read many papers etc on the subject, I think it’s always a lot harder when you see little kids being unwell. Research and medications improve all the time and so we can only look up.


    1. Yes, I’m always hoping that they’ll develop a new medicine that can zap it effectively! I’m sure they will one day.
      Meanwhile, you need to know that Lyme disease is spread by ticks, and it exists (and is increasing rapidly) all over the world. Any time you go for a walk in grass or plants, you should cover your legs completely and check yourself for ticks dangling off you. You can’t feel them biting, so you have to look!


  16. I’m sorry your son has to suffer. I’m an adult and can barely handle the battle with this bug. Your son is blessed to have you as his supporter and defender!!!


  17. So sorry for your pain. I will keep your son in my prayers. I fear so much for our medical future. Not enough research is being done to develop new antibiotics and in the U.S. Tetracycline hasn’t been available for two years! We need to understand that antibiotics are more important than growing eyelashes or viagra. What a nightmare.

    If you’d like to do a post about this on my own blog, I’d love to host you. Please use the contact through my website if you’re interested.

    Big hugs.


  18. I am so sorry your little boy and you are going through this. I have a friend who has Lyme disease and from conversations with her, know how this type of illness can wreck havoc on a person’s well being. I would imagine it’s even worse for a child. Here’s hoping he and you find relief soon!


  19. Love this post – so true… I have had chronic Lyme for 9 years now and have almost done a year with very little symptoms… please see my post today, it may be useful….Keep fighting, poor wee thing.


  20. Such a sad thing. I have heard of Lyme disease but I never knew it was this devastating or this widespread. It must suck even more that it was passed on congenitally, i did not know that was possible. Keep fighting little one. Hopefully someday the world will have a better understanding of what you are going through.


    1. Thank you for your comments.
      Please spread awareness of Lyme to your friends. It’s terrifies me to think how many people don’t know enough about it to protect themselves, or who have a child who’s infected (autistic or with other un usual health issues) and don’t even realise they could help them.


  21. Hello, I’ve just found your blog. We as a UK family of 5 are going through Lyme treatment too but in the USA.Two of my boys and husband have now stopped treatment after nearly 3 years just my little girl and myself to go. Anyhow, just thought I would mention the word binders to you. As you kill the bugs you have to mop up the toxins from the gut, perhaps it may help your son ? We use Apple Pectin and Cholestyramine as bile sequestrants, otherwise the toxins just keep recirculating and making you feel very sick.Of course , it may be a co-infection too causing the vomitting and weakness.Hope you manage to figure it all out ! Good luck


    1. Hello!
      I’m really glad to hear you’ve got got 3 members of the family cured – it’s so encouraging to hear about success stories as sometimes, especially when you’re in online support groups, it seems as if nobody ever gets cured! Obviously they just drift away and get on with their lives once they heal.
      The binders idea sounds interesting and very important. I’ll ask my doctor about that issue. thank you for the advice. 🙂


  22. I found this blog through a Lyme on line support group. I want to add my wishes and hopes for your son’s recovery. I also want to say that I love your sense of humor—- I’ll be reading more (and not just about Lyme).
    I’ve had Lyme for several decades (in the U.S.) and have had just about every antibiotic invented. It is truly a ‘life destroyer’ for many and yet just a bump in the road for others.
    May I have permission to repost excerpts from your blog—– and of course I’d display where I got those excerpts by name. The site I’m on doesn’t allow links to sites that might be considered ‘forums’ so I’ll just play it safe.

    Did I miss it if you were ever treated for Lyme?


    1. Hello!
      I think I may already know you online… Youvegottobekidding!

      Yes I am being treated for Lyme – 2 years of antibiotics and a year of herbal treatment as I got such a lot of side effects. I’m on a new regime now and it seems to be better than the first one, though I still have to wait and see if it is really making progress or not.

      By all means please post as many links and reposts as you like, the more the merrier!
      Do you have a blog of your own? If so, and if it’s a WordPress one, you can click the re-blog link at the top to automatically re-blog posts of mine.


      1. Not Youvegottobekiidding, but she’s at the same forum and where I heard about this. 🙂 I don’t have a blog but “may” in the future. Thank you for giving me permission to re-post.


  23. I have been fighting Lyme disease for 40 years. Infected at 18 in 1974. Brushed off by dr. and told to go see a shrink. I am now 58 and bedridden. I will never be cured. I am on a PICC line now just trying to stay alive. Lymes IS the AIDS of the 21st century. There’s no help,for us, but maybe the next generation will find the momey to do the research. Our problem is that, unlike ADIS, we don’t die fast enough. Nor do we have a prominent spokesperson.
    Good luck. We’ve tried it all. We’ve been to every lyme specialist there is.


    1. I completely agree with everything you say.
      This is similar to my story, Infected when I was 7 and bedridden for a number of years.
      Luckily I am functional since taking matters into my own hands and keeping symptoms less severe with the right supplements and diet.
      I hope you find some info here that helps you.
      Sending you love and I hope 2015 will be better for you.


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