Sisters unite – my first ever award nomination


I feel very happy and flattered to have received “The Sisterhood of the World Blog Award” from Pipmarks. Thank you… and I hope my blog followers will explore her other recommendations!

Sustainability soapbox

Thank you so much to Sandy at Hoarder Comes Clean for a Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award nomination!

I really enjoy reading about Sandy’s efforts to clear out superfluous items – but her posts frequently hit a bit close to home. (I almost expected a comment from her about my own hoarding when I posted a photo of the sheet music to 3 old versions of the same song.)

This hoarder’s diverse interests (including sci fi conventions), travels and past life with an airline continue to surprise me, as do her reflections on sustainability and design while procrastinating by clearing out old spice jars or going to exhibitions (e.g. Eero Saarinen). Or sharing memories triggered while sorting through boxes (or ‘time capsules’ as she calls them) and rediscovering family treasures (such as a crocheted US flag with 48 stars).

Any day now I hope that…

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  1. Dianne Patrizzi says:

    That’s fantastic.


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