Rico Franchi’s single is climbing the charts

Sicilians! You find them everywhere!

Now that I am in the middle of England, I thought I would meet fewer of them, but their talent makes them shine out from the crowd wherever I turn. And not just in the local Italian restaurant where we all speak Italian and it feels like a little taste of home…

This time it is Singer-songwriter Rico Franchi. He contacted me through the Lyme Disease charity I am now running, offering to donate the profits from his latest single ‘Getting Better’ to be used to raise awareness of Lyme disease and campaign for better treatments.

I was grateful for the support, but didn’t know if the song would actually be all that good.

With Sicilian blood in him, I should have known better!

The beauty of his angelic voice, and the moving lyrics he has written, literally blew me away. No wonder he is a rising star in his new homeland, Scotland. No wonder this song has shot up the iTunes charts and is buming up against Ed Sheerans’s newest single. This looks set to be a hit.

Watch the video and then GO AND BUY IT from iTunes. All the profits go to charity.


Like me and my son, Rico also has Lyme disease.

Rico said: “About six years ago this summer I began suffering flu-like symptoms including headaches, dizzy spells and extreme tiredness. I was someone who ran a 5K every day, had a healthy diet and I was in the best condition of my life. Then almost overnight I felt as if my whole life had caved in.

“I visited my doctor countless times and every blood test imaginable came back as ‘normal’.  No one thought to test for Lyme disease.  After years of devastation and sickness a family friend (also a GP) encouraged me to get tested for Lyme.

“When I finally received the results – which proved positive for  Lyme disease – I cried. Not because I was scared that I had Lyme but actually out of pure relief that I wasn’t losing my mind.”

Rico Franchi

Rico continues: “It’s as though a cloud is starting to lift, every day I see small improvements to my health and I finally feel positive again about my future. I developed a mantra to help me to stay positive during the darkest days of lyme disease symptoms and treatment. I’d say to myself ‘I am getting better every day’ to stay hopeful and not dwell on the disease for too long. Lyme disease recovery is an epic journey and I want to encourage anyone going through this devastating disease to simply carry on and persevere in getting diagnosed and treated.”


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