House for sale in Sicily

Yes, I am gutted. I need to sell my house in Sicily.

>>> Would YOU like to be its new owner?

We moved to England for my son’s education, but when I look at all my lovely photos in Sicily I feel a bit broken-hearted, especially as today, the temperature there is 19 degrees centigrade (that’s 67 degrees Fahrenheit).

I want to sell it to someone who will love it as much as I do, and will really enjoy it to the full.

Main features:

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Kitchen-diner, including large balcony which overlooks a lemon grove (the lovely owner lets you nick lemons)
  • Roof terrace where you can have barbecues, enjoy panoramic views over the mountains and exchange sausages with neighbours
  • Integral garage
  • Mad neighbours
  • You can grow cacti in the garden
  • None of the neighbours are in the Mafia (those ones got put in prison about three years ago)
  • Wine cellar. Ha ha! Not really. It’s a secure underground lock-up about 16 feet square, for storing your own items if letting the house out for holiday makers. But you could also put wine in it, if you wanted to.
  • Central heating. A rare treat in Sicily which you will appreciate on winter evenings.
  • Air conditioning, a life saver in Sicily which you might die without.
  • Mosquito nets in every window.
  • Always maintained in a state of extreme cleanliness, thanks to my Sicilian mother-in-law.

This is a large house. It is four storeys tall. The total floor area is 175 square metres (including the integral garage). The footprint of the house, excluding the courtyard garden, is 5.315 metres by 11.35 metres. The courtyard garden is roughly 5 metres by 4 metres.

The sale includes the fitted kitchen, with oven, fridge-freezer and microwave. If wanted, we can also leave you:

  • three very large wardrobes
  • a sofa, a chaise longue and a sofa bed
  • two beds (a double and a single)
  • A desk
  • A computer desk
  • A book case
  • plus various other items of furniture.

We can remove all this if it’s not wanted!

The kitchen-diner, which is made of cherry wood and has a balcony outside for hanging laundry, overlooking a lemon orchard and the mountains:

These are some of the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The house is in Aspra, a village which has 5 sandy beaches. One is for the fishermen to keep their boats and sell fresh fish.

The other 4 beaches are for swimmers and sunbathers.

For an overhead view, follow the link. Look for Via Concordia Mediterranea. When you find Ristorante Marilyn, you will see a block of houses to the west of it.

Google maps satellite view

Here, I have marked the house with yellow arrows. The house marked with a red X is Mrs. Greenfingers’ house. As you will see by the fact her house looks green, the Screen of Privacy has grown amazingly. (If you have no idea what I am on about, please allow me to introduce you to Mrs. Greenfingers and her Screen of Privacy.)

There is a train which takes you into central Palermo in 12 minutes. It also takes you to Cefalu’, Castelbuono and Termini Imerese. From Palermo Central station you can get trains and coaches to anywhere in Sicily.

(If you’re English you’ll find this train futuristic and highly impressive, whereas if you’re Sicilian you will moan about it, and if you’re German you’ll be disgusted.)

Here’s a taster of Palermo:

It is also the only house in Sicily which comes with a user manual about the neighbours.

If you are interested in knowing more (including the agonisingly low price it has currently been haggled down to) please CONTACT ME.


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Thank you. 



25 thoughts on “House for sale in Sicily

  1. I will forward to my friend Carla who looks after lots of Property in Sicilly just in case she has anyone looking for something else.

    Kind Regards
    Joan Hayden

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Joan, Please could you send me some details for your friend Joan? I am looking for a house in Sicily for my retirement, so something much smaller than the one advertised here. I am coming again from 28th January to 4th February to try again to find the right house (have been looking for over 3 years now!).

      Thank you so much!




  2. I understand about selling a place you love. I just sold my place in Dallas to live in Napa Valley for a while. Mind you, I’m not living in a place as nice as what I had in Dallas, it ain’t easy. How much is your under-priced place in Sicily? I have cash now! LOL


  3. The train …… this picture of the train ….. it is not real, or? It would be nice to have a Google Maps link to see your house from above, and where it is located. What is the monthly pizzo in your area to have electricity and water? Teh local Mafia boss, is he a Gentleman?


    1. He heeee!!!
      You cheeky sausage.

      Well, the Mafia bosses all got arrested in 2015 and so it’s a guaranteed Mafia-free condominium now.

      We dealt with the water battle in 2014 and the house now has its own independent water supply and water meter, so no problems there any more.
      Electricity was never a problem, there’s nothing Sicilians like more than to sell you electricity!

      The only irritation nowadays is that you have to recycle literally everything and there’s basically no chance to lob everything into a roadside sip any more. Oh and there are huge fines for street littering. It’s clean yet irritating.

      And yes, that train is absolutely real! 😛


      1. This train …. I cannot believe it! It must be for tourists only! I thought the only evil on Sicily is the mafia, but there is an aesthetic terrorism, too! 😉

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  4. I feel your pain. If there was any chance of us retiring in Sicily I’d definitely consider your place but we just don’t know where we’ll end up yet and have another 2-3 years before that happens (hopefully). Good luck on your house sale!

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  5. Dear Veronica,

    I am currently reading one of your books, this is why I got your post yesterday.

    I have visited Sicily several times and we will come again before the end of the year.

    Buying a house in Sicily has been a dream of mine for retirement which is soon now. Not necessarily a dream of my husband…

    But just out of curiosity, what is the price of your house ?

    Best regards.

    Marie Duroy

    2017-12-11 17:25 GMT+01:00 The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife :

    > VH posted: “Yes, I am gutted. I need to sell my house in Sicily. >>> Would > YOU like to be its new owner? We moved to England for my son’s education, > but when I look at all my lovely photos in Sicily I feel a bit > broken-hearted. I want to sell it to som” >

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