Who is the Sicilian Housewife?

Twelve years ago I visited Sicily for a wedding, and accidentally fell in love with one of the groom’s three hundred cousins. Not deterred by his mother being The Scariest Woman in Sicily, widely known as The Godmother, I left my job as a stockbroker in London and moved to a small fishing village to marry him.



What is it really like living in Sicily?

Imagine cooking pasta for intimate family gatherings of about 35 people, driving among cars made from parcel tape and rosary beads, and roasting octopus over a blazing barbecue when it’s 39 degrees centigrade.

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Back in England

At the start of 2016, we decided to open a new chapter of our lives in England. Instead of me laughing my head off at Sicilians, it’s now Hubby gasping in disbelief at things like egg cosies, People Wearing Shorts In December, and that tooth-curling brown mouthwash we call coffee.

Having dithered for nearly a year about whether to start a separate blog, I have instead decided to document The English Adventures of a Sicilian Don by just giving him his own menu category.


I write fiction and non-fiction. Both categories will make you laugh, for different reasons. 

“Sicilian Card Games” gives you instructions on how to play 12 games (including hints on when to shout). It sells like hotcakes, probably because it is so cheap.

The travel novel The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife was described by the Times of Sicily as “…filled with biting wit, an astute knack for observation and a powerful sense of determination which makes it a joy to read.” Almost everyone on Amazon gave it five stars, except for one reviewer who only gave it three because “it wouldn’t encourage me to marry a Sicilian.”

Just for the record, I think Sicilian men make fabulous husbands.

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Sicily Travel Guide

My Dangerously Truthful Travel Guide to Sicily is free online.

Sicily is the most exotic place in Europe. Its culture is the legacy of thirteen empires, from Vikings to North Africans, and you can still experience them all in the food, the language, the festivals and traditions, and the monuments.

Did you know Sicily has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Sicily’s best secrets are undiscovered by the people who write real guide books, though, because Sicilians don’t tend to market themselves or promote tourism. They’re too busy cooking.

Twelve years in Sicily let me uncover some jaw-dropping treasures. I don’t just talk about sightseeing, either. My guide is also full of practical tips.



Sicily is full of gorgeous sights. My photo posts are categorised by place.