TUTTO ITALIANO is written by Italian journalists specifically for foreign readers. The January-February edition has a fascinating article explaining what the Italian Carnival is really all about, a look at the history of those lovely Baci Perugina chocolates, and short news pieces about Italy’s female astronaut and Schettino the murderous ferry captain. There were pieces on politics, sport and fashion, too. I’ve had a few tussles getting it back off Hubby, which proves it’s interesting to read.

It has vocabulary lists translating the more difficult words. There are also some puzzles and a crossword which I actually managed to finish. With NO help from hubby (but a few hints from the kiddo).

Best of all, each edition comes with a CD containing at least 15 articles in audio format. It’s like having a TUTTO ITALIANO radio programme which you can rewind…. and afterwards read, to make sure you understood it properly. At last! An excuse for not listening to Hubby’s appalling music in the car!

Here’s a link if you want to investigate for yourself

An annual subscription costs £99 which is US$150. For this you get the audio CD and the printed magazine bi-monthly, which is 50 pages and almost no adverts.



Is there anything wrong with it?

TUTTO ITALIANO magazine only got started last year. There are some things I think could improve it.

I would like some interviews reported in first-person and second-person speech. These need not be with celebrities – an interview with a Murano glass maker or a gondolier would be intriguing for most foreigners!

I would love to see more sumptuous, beautiful photos with some articles.

I think a travel section would be great. It could focus on specific regions of Italy, or themed holidays such as cookery, language or art courses. This would make it easy to sell advertising space to relevant businesses and perhaps the earnings could be used to reduce the subscription price.

An opinion column would make the political section a bit more biting. The editor is careful to avoid controversy, but two columns presenting both sides of an argument would enhance the language learning experience as well as the content.

Definitely worth it

Despite the fact I can see room for improvement, I still think TUTTO ITALIANO is great. It’s been improving my Italian without it feeling like work at all.

Have you read it?

If so, add your own opinion in the comments section!


3 thoughts on ““TUTTO ITALIANO” Magazine

  1. I’ve tried to subscribe online and also by telephone but for some reason I can’t get an order confirmation and my credit card hasn’t been charged–it’s been 3 weeks and I’ve no idea whether my order’s been accepted or not. Very frustrating. I’m afraid if I try again I’ll eventually end up with 3 subscriptions!


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