Sporty things to do on holidays in Sicily

I’m the most unsporty person in Europe, so everything in this section is a vicarius recommendation from someone who does actually know how to swim, or ride a bicycle without dislocationg their shoulder. (Yeah, done that.)


The adventure park in the Madonie mountains – Parco Avventura Madonie – is a wonderful place to spend a day. Up in the fresh pine forest, adults and childen of one metre of more in height can spend the day doing assault courses up in the trees. There are also mini-courses in archery, seasonal cycling excursions and other activites, and a barbecue and picnic area where you can get so much like a caveman you even roast your own raw meat after swinging through the trees.

Check the official website for seasonal opening times and seasonal offerings. Be warned – the website is not a pretty sight, and it is also one of those humorous Italian sites (of which I’ve seen many) that have a little Union Jack but, when you click on it, the site is still in Italian.

The links you need are “Info > calendario aperture” and “Info > come arrivare” (which miraculously is in English).

Parco Avventura Madonie Official Site [external link]

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If you want to go surfing in Sicily, which you can, you had best come in winter when the waves are very good. The most popular surfing spot I know of is Cefalù, but you do see people surfing all over the place. There are surfing schools in many coastal spots. Apparently if you do like surfing in Sicily, dude, this is, like, where to find out about it. [external link]


Cycling is a major sport in Sicily, and the Giro d’Italia is second only to the Tour de France in importance. My hubby was one of the many swarms of cyclists you see out racing along the streets at high speed: they cluster in groups of ten, aiming for safety in numbers. Our house is full of cycling cups though, since I am actually The Antisport I am sometimes tempted to invert them in a sinister manner.

There are various bike rental places in Sicily. You had better ask in your hotel or do some online searches as they are all very small, local operations.

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