Blog Awards 2013: Part 1

I have been nominated for various blog awards over the past year. THANK YOU to everyone who nominated me.

I have saved them all up, to respond to them all together at the year’s end. This is not part of any great plan. It’s purely the result of faffiness and disorganisation.

Right, here they are.

The Very Inspiring Blog Award

very inspiring blogger award

I was nominated by Italian author and journalism student Ludovica Iaccino, in January. Ludovica’s blog Be Inquisitive contains some of her very thought-provoking journalistic writings in English.

One example is her provocative article on Nelson Mandela, which reminds us he was not only a liberator and a great statesman, but also a terrorist.

If I were to invent an award for her, it would be the THINK AGAIN ABOUT ALL YOUR OPINIONS award.

The Versatile Blogger award

the-versatile-blogger-awardI was nominated for this one by the fabulous photography blog Just mad stuff. Just see the homepage of her lovely photos, many taken in India  and I guarantee you will be so stunned you will probably spend half the day there clicking on everything. Check out how beautiful a pigeon looks in front of her lens.

If I were to invent an award for her, it would be the BEAUTY ALL AROUND US award.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award (a different one)

The Versatile Blogger Award (also a different one from before)

The Awesome Blog Content Award

very-inspiring-blogger-award-2   versatilebloggernominations-copy

abcThis massively generous trifecta was awarded to me by the English writer of an inspiring and prolifically award-winning blog called Nightmare Logic. She says “Most of the world’s problems could be solved in a day… If we all changed our attitude.”

The award I would invent for this blogger would be the FABULOUSLY INSPIRED RANTING AWARD. Personally I am proud of my own skills at impassioned ranting, but she might just possibly beat me at it! Get a sample of her virtuosity, for example, in her post about possibly the worlds’ most irritating piano tuner.

The Super Sweet Blogger Award


This one was a gift from a super sweet blogger from Massachusetts called Ramblin Ann. She drives a yellow school bus and takes care of her mother who has alzheimers. You know how some bloggers make you feel as if they’re one of your old friends, apart from the tiny fact that you’ve never met them? Ann’s blog is one of those.

Anyone caring for an elderly or sick loved one will draw comfort from her understanding of just how tough it can be. Whilst the super sweet blogger award suits her very well, my personal award for her would be the HUMBLINGLY BIG-HEARTED PERSON AWARD.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Each and every award is so very well deserved! Congratulations and if any of your readers are looking to fill up those new Kindles they found under the Christmas Tree — your book is the first thing they should load up.

    Buon Natale!


    1. Thank you so much Diana!


  2. onomatopoeicbliss says:

    Ima think all seven titles refer to the same incident.

    And ya know what they say . . . “Pics or it never happened!”


    1. My goodness, if all those things had happened at once I would certainly not have survived!
      And thank the Lord nobody took photos of me doing any of them!


  3. justmadstuff says:

    Well-deserved, and thank you for the really sweet description 🙂


  4. pipmarks says:

    Congrats on all of your very well deserved awards. I am about to nominate you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’ Award as well. Cheers Pip


    1. Oh, thank you! I am excited and honoured! I must get on with issuing my batch of blog awards for this year… 🙂


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