11 thoughts on “Istanbul, the Prostitute City

  1. A great story, very engaging and informative. I enjoyed reading about the superstitions and cultural foibles of Turkey. I have visited the country twice and would love to go again.


    1. I’ve been held at gunpoint in Sicily, too. My life is FAR too interesting!
      The oddest thing was that, in Istanbul, it was a woman. She looked like such a bimbo I just kept thinking “I bet she’s a terrible shot. If she shoots at me, I wonder who she’ll actually hit?”


  2. Reblogged this on HUG images by Dr. J and commented:
    Sounds like an interesting read, to me! I’m taking a group of 40 to Istanbul next week, and look forward to Istanbul. This will be about my 10th group to Turkey, but I love to see it afresh in the eyes of these students.


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