A Shop on Wheels

Do you like this Sicilian Greengrocers? If you look carefully, you can see its wheels.

His weighing scales are hanging off the brake light. They hold them up with one hand and slide the ball weight along a metal bar to get the weight of your fruit and veg.

if you query the sweetness of their merchandise, they will instantly chop a fruit in half and force you to eat it on the spot to prove its quality.

These mobile greengrocers can be seen everywhere in Sicily. I have been meaning to photograph one for ages, but was beaten to it by my friend Brita. Thanks for the picture, B!



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  1. Oh man… just look at those whoppin’ great big caulies!


    1. Oh yes! I’d forgotten how tiddly the English ones are. These are delicious too – actually SWEET. 🙂


  2. Expat Eye says:

    I love that they make you eat it in front of them to prove a point! 🙂


    1. Yeah, me too. I cast doubt on just about everything sometimes, and basically get a free lunch!!!


      1. Expat Eye says:

        Brilliant approach!


      2. Yeah, I haven’t lived in Sicily for 10 years without learning a trick or two!!!


  3. Great picture indeed! Always makes me smile when I see this!


    1. I just love the things they shout out to get your attention. Sometimes they’re hilarious! And occasionally I cannot understand a thing so I make a point of stopping to ask them what they said!
      They often have a great little story. One man told me his grandfather taught him to shout out this little ditto and he still uses the same one even though it is gibberish, no real words at all!!!
      Another man told me he came from a little village and he was calling out the names of fruits in his local dialect, even though it was different from the one used here.


  4. Reblogged this on Paul Davies Cartoons and commented:
    Great photo and an interesting little piece. Caulis the size of footballs!


    1. Thanks for the reblog! It’s a great photo isn’t it? 🙂


  5. Marcella says:

    Ah yes! Frutta!frutta!frutta fresca at 7am call to housewives ! So happy to be in Misilmeri & buy my fruit & icy watermelons from them!


    1. We have a bloke who drives past my house in the morning and calls to us housewives like a muezzin calling the faithful to their morning prayers. Though actually he is calling the hungry to their morning fruit salad. 🙂


  6. we had this in Indonesia, even there’s a groceries store on a modificated motorbike….


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