The Rich Man in his Villa Ramacca and the Poor Man at his Gate

This is an 18th century villa near my home. It can be hired for weddings and other special events.



I walked around it recently, as it hosted the exhibition about Sicilian Sulphur mines I blogged about. Whilst the sulphur miners in Sicily were living in slavery and abject poverty, the barons who owned the mines lived like this.




Unfortunately Villa Ramacca is not normally open to tourists, but if you have the audacity to pretend you are about to get married you could pose as potential clients.

You had better dress up because the minimum food price per wedding guest is 90 Euros. Personally, I wouldn’t bother inviting any of my thin friends at all. Why waste food that costly?



I could have demolished a cup of tea and a scone sitting here……




…..or here…..



or here…..



or here….. (click on this photo because it looks so nice when it’s full size.)







Next time I shall sneak a thermos flask with me in my handbag, and sip it while pondering on the obscene economic inequalities of Europe’s past and, I sometimes fear, Europe’s future.


If you actually are planning to get married any time soon, go to the official site of Villa Ramacca for more info, or look at for some reviews.




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  1. cat9984 says:

    Imagine the number of servants you would need. Between the miners and the people taking care of the house, it would be like a fiefdom.


    1. God point – You’d need a small village of people just to keep the place going!


  2. Irina says:

    Well, obviously the steps here are:

    i. Find a man.
    ii. Convince him that marrying me is the best solution in his life.
    iii. Get married there.
    iv. Never leave; always say that at least one person is missing and we must wait.


    1. Sounds like a brilliant plan!! If onyl you’d told me this before I married my hubby! 😀


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