How Sicilians Are Helping Young Migrants Arriving On Their Island

After my bleak presentation of the immigration issue facing Sicily, I am really excited to find and share this initiative to welcome and help new immigrants integrate into Sicilian society.

Sicilian Donkey - Tales From Sicily

Tambah Jenneh, 18, is a migrant from Gambia now working at 11eleven in Catania (c) Sean Neil / Al Jazeera

Sicily has first-hand experience of the largest human migration since the end of World War II. Last year over 170,000 migrant people arrived on Italian beaches after a desperate and frightening sea crossing but the dangerous journey claimed at least 3,000 lives. Many of the newly arrived migrants fleeing war, poverty and political instability are young people, orphaned or separated from their families. Some of my fellow countrymen are doing their best to help these kids achieve better lives – the reason they attempted the perilous journey in the first place.

AccoglieRete was founded in 2013 to help unaccompanied minors arriving in Sicily. It’s thought 70,000 migrants landed last year on the southwestern shores near Siracusa. This area has seen many young Sicilians (like me) leave the country in search…

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  1. WOW. They musta heard about the cuisine too.


    1. LOL!!! Maybe it’s teh main reason they come here?? ;.-)


  2. Anonymous says:

    Journalism with compassion. Nice job.


    1. Al Jazeera is my favourite news channel, partly for that reason.


    1. Oh dear, how depressing. I think it’s typical of Sicilians that they never bother with anti-racism prosets, they just quietly get on with doing what they think is the right way to help the situation. Much better.


  3. T. Franke says:

    Citation: “Carla Trommino is an *immigration lawyer* who co-founded AccoglieRete in July 2013. ‘We are the door of Europe and the government looks at the problem in a general way, but it doesn’t care about the individual,’ she says.”

    And then she spreads her holy dogma: “You can’t stop human migration. All you can do is decide how you are going to respond it.”

    Meaning in short: She is part of the immigration industry. She gains with every illegal immigrant entering Europe. She spreads disinformation and propaganda in favour of the immigration industry. She makes Europe attractive for illegal immigration.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she cooperates with Sicilian mafia and Libyan people smugglers.


    1. I was thinking about this, but I am sure not one of the immigrants turns up with enough money to pay her, so I am not convinced she’s doing it for personal reasons….


    2. Unfortunately I think you are right Franke. There is definitely an ‘immigration industry’. I’ve heard the Mafia’s latest cash cow is illegal immigrants. The government provides $ to house and feed each person ( and it’s more than many Italian pensioners receive).. They provide services for less and pocket the $. Very sad. I hope it changes soon.


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