Who’s reading my novel?




When career-girl Veronica flies to Sicily for a friend’s wedding, she accidentally falls in love with one of the groom’s three-hundred cousins. A year later she has given up her job, house and friends, and is planning her own wedding with her Latin Lover in the shimmering heat of Sicily.

She suspects her seaside dream-villa is being built by the Mafia when the stubbly foreman visits, brandishing a large hammer and demanding more money. In shock, she learns her Sicilian spleen-sandwich and prickly-pear cravings are because she is pregnant. Still reeling, Veronica is challenged to a duel fought with wooden spoons over who is the better woman, when her rosary-flailing mother-in-law starts checking her son’s vests are ironed and inspecting the toilet bowl for subtle skidmarks.

Can resourceful Veronica solve her problems by pitching one adversary against the other?

Join her on an unpredictable journey of hilarity, reckless driving and dangerously large portions of spaghetti in this almost true travel-novel, for people who need more belly-laughs.

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5 thoughts on “Who’s reading my novel?

  1. I am!! I’m just about at the end of my 4 week sojourn in Sicily with my daughter and have a few quiet days to catch up on my own reflections of our time here as well as re-read some of yours. ( I had stumbled across your blog prior to leaving and found it both really funny and really useful)I have referenced you quite a lot in my own blog which I do for family and friends – hope you don’t mind! And now I have bought your book and am reading it on my phone. And enjoying it all the more having spent a little bit of time here on this glorious island.
    We have been doing houseswaps – ACI Castello, Ortigia, Palermo and now – very quiet in Rometta Marea. Without exception our Sicilian hosts have been incredibly friendly and helpful – just as I would expect after reading your posts. Thanks so much for adding this extra layer to our trip.
    And now – back to your book !!!


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