The Sicilian Garden

This post isn’t anything too amazing; it’s just a few photos of my favourite plants in my garden in Sicily.

OK, actually it is fairly amazing that I never killed them! There are strelizia from our neighbour’s garden, roses, pink bougainvillea, money plants and lots of other succulents taken as cuttings from friends’ gardens, aloes, and a yellow carpobrotus which we grew from a cutting of a plant growing out of the sand on a beach.

I do miss them….

10 thoughts on “The Sicilian Garden

  1. Beautiful! It reminds me of the prickly pear honey I bought from a vendor on Mt. Etna. So delicioso. I also bought the liquor “Fuoco di Etna” which lives up to its name. We have bees and prickly pear here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, but somehow it wouldn’t be the same…….

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