Photographic talent? …Or maybe not?

In my previous post, I described our weekend visit to Tindari to see the Black Madonna. In compliance with my husband’s Great Economy Drive, a restaurant lunch was forbidden, so we had a picnic here:

This is so romantic!” declared my son, who is 6 years old.

He took that photo of the sea (above), and then he took a photo of my husband and me:

Then my husband took a photo of me with our son:

I know as a wife and mother I am supposed to be encouraging to all members of the family, but when there is such a blatant discrepancy in talent, you have to face up to it. At this point, I confiscated the camera and gave it back to my son, who took these photos:

He was very interested in the various textures of the leaves and the patterns his shoes made in the sand, as well as the strong contrast between light and shade produced by the intense sunlight.

Finally, I took a picture of the little photographer:

So, who do you think has the most talent in the family?


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  1. rosiestaal says:

    Oh thank you for a lovely Monday-morning laugh! Being diplomatic (and pathetic) I would suggest your husband’s talents lie in other directions and your son should consider an artistic career, starting now. He’s a little gem.


  2. Raunak says:

    hahaha….well we know for sure where your son does NOT get his photography skills from 🙂


  3. …..never mind talent. Good idea though to have a picnic by the sea!!!!


  4. It’s a good thing that your husband isn’t considering a change of careers… 😀 My son is getting his first camera as a birthday present next week (he turns 7). He has been interested in photography for a few years now and can even use my Canon DSLR with decent results! Definitely encourage the little budding artist you’ve got there!


  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ts obvious who has the talent.

    JSB UK


  6. Pecora Nera says:

    The son is the artist, set him up with a wordpress site for his photos.


  7. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    have to be diplomatic here… I can feel a lot of love in all the pictures 🙂 and what a great fun to have a picnic on the beach in November? lucky you!


  8. Photographer in making for sure 🙂


  9. beba says:

    Oh, a picnic! On a sunny beach. In Sicily!

    Thanks for the lovely, interesting tour. Sicily could become quite crowded with new tourists if they see your picturesque blogs. (Like what Peter Mayles did for Provence and Tuscany.)

    I love your son’s photo of the thatched roof. That’s the kind of photo I take. And then when my husband downloads our photos from the camera to the computer, he wonders WHY there are all these pictures of tree bark, etc.


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