Christmas with a Sicilian family – a survival kit

Absolutely hilarious post! I must remember to follow ALL these tips this Christmas.

secret sicily


This post is dedicated to all the Sicilian expats who, like me, are going back to their homeland for Christmas. If you’re not from Sicily but for some reasons you’re spending Jesus Day with a Sicilian family, read carefully and repeat after me: “I can do this!”

Here are the top 5 tips to survive a Christmas in Sicily without any serious brain or physical damage.

1. Get your belly ready

Sicilian dinners require some serious belly training, and I’m not talking about abs. You’ve got to find that extra room in your stomach you never thought existed. Learn how to stretch your belly from the eating contest masters and you’ll be able to get through a ten course meal and an over-bearing gran.

2.  Learn the fine art of juggling conversations at 120 decibels

As soon as people take their seats and the first starters arrive, the Christmas dining table…

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