[Guest post] The Best and Worst of Sicily

secret sicily

Veronica is the brain and pen behind Sicilian Godmother, where she writes about her life in Sicily as an English expat. When I asked her to write a guest post about things she loves and hates about Sicily, I didn’t expect to open such a big can of worms! Her initial draft was way longer than this, which says a lot about what impact Sicily has on people. I hope you’ll enjoy her hilarious (but painfully accurate) post just as much as I did. 

Have you ever known someone you loved like an obsession, but who drove you crazy at the same time? Sicily is like that.

When Secret Sicily asked me to write this post, I almost sent her a book. She told me off, so I cut it down to the winning three in each category.

The worst things in Sicily

BRONZE MEDAL: Terrible Driving

Great, we found a parking space

Sicilians think that holding the…

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One thought on “[Guest post] The Best and Worst of Sicily

  1. I totally agree with your “best about Sicily”! My Sicilian relatives had all those fine qualities. The love of little ones reminded me about a souvenir of my own babyhood – a long, white linen/cotton binding cloth which my Siciian Grandmother wrapped around our tiny tummies, apparently to protect us and help our belly buttons heal prettily. This cloth was brought from Italy and the design woven into it is the words: “Mille baci”, over and over – a thousand kisses! I still have it.


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