Italy Magazine Blogger Awards: I’m in the Finals!

Ooh exciting! My dear friends, my blog is in the finals of the Italy Magazine “Best Living in Italy Blog.” If I win I might become rich and famous!

Home Blogger Awards 2015 

I am also nominated for the “Best Living in Italy Single post” category, for my tips on how to handle Italian men (or ward them off, if they’re not the type you’d fancy handling)…

A SIcilian man being sexy
“Ciao, Bella!”


…AND “Best single post Art & Culture blog” category, for my photos of exciting Cefalù with its ancient laundry and high-tech nuns.

“Yes, can you put Francis on the line, please?”


They have picked out lots of great blogs by people living all up and down Italy, so it’s well worth taking a look. I’m facing stiff competition!

Please go and vote. And when I say vote, I mean vote for me.

To vote, follow these three links:

Best Living in Italy Blog

Best Living in Italy Single post

Best single post Art & Culture blog

Voting is open until 27th February.

40 thoughts on “Italy Magazine Blogger Awards: I’m in the Finals!

  1. Done. Delighted to vote for you in all categories – good luck! I hope you win. I have spread the word to my friends too and with your shameless bribery, aka the sexy-apron-divesting chef you surely cannot lose!


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