Caption Competition! Win a Free Book!!!

I have been delighted with all the enthusiastic feedback you lot have been giving me about my latest book. Do you want to know what my mother said about it?

“That’s a very unflattering photo of you on the back cover.”

073 brightly coloured cover version 2

“What do you mean, unflattering?” I asked, narrowing my eyes.

“It makes you look fat.”

“No, that photo doesn’t make me look fat. My fat makes me look fat,” I answered.

The original idea was for that photo to go on the front cover. Good job that idea was ditched!

The photo shoot was done by Hubby and I hold him responsible for any unflatteringness. Most models have an arty photographer, ideally gay, encouraging and inspiring them by saying “Give me sexy, give me more pout, that’s right darling, give me tigress.”

What I had was my husband saying “Stop wasting that tomato passata, I want to eat it for my lunch afterwards.”

It does show in the results.

colour saturated 116

Nevertheless, after all my hard work (models do work hard, you know) I have decided the photos are ideal for a CAPTION COMPETITION.

The prize will be a paperback edition of any one of my five books – see below for details. I may addΒ a second, runner-up prize if more than one person actually enters. You may enter the contest as many times as you like.

All you have to do isΒ put your entry in the comments box below. With your entry, please say which book you would like and make sure you do not leave an entry anonymously!!! If you win, I will be able to find out your email address confidentially, deliver the life-changing good news and ask for your postal address.

The contest will run for 3 weeks, so the deadline for entries is 28th August 2015.

Without further ado, here’s the photo.

caption competition - Copy

Book options

Click on the book for more information.


Cover umpteen v1 - Copy

Β Book front cover

lips 2 - Copy

front cover

Evil Eye paper cover



36 thoughts on “Caption Competition! Win a Free Book!!!

  1. Why am I drinking passata neat? The power and water have been cut off again so there’s no ice, I had to use the vodka to clean the floor this morning, then I tipped all the salt on the floor, it’s far too hot for anything spicy, and I’m too exhausted to bother with garnishes.

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  2. “Veronica listens closely to her Sicilian mother-in-law as she is instructed on the lost art of steaming tomato passata to perfection.” (Sicilian Cards!) πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Vampyre dialogues: “Pronto? Is this the hotline to hell? After I minced my husband ’cause he said I am too fat I found that his blood tastes like tomato sauce. Perhaps you know an appropriate victim in my neighbourhood whose blood tastes like pasta, so I can combine?”

    I would like to have the Sicilian Card Games!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. … and then he was like “what do you mean you drank all the passata and there is none for my pasta?? Are you trying to starve me or what??” But then he got hit by the cold and he forgot everything about it. Thanks god! So, back to our plans for dinner… did we say all 150 people are confirmed?

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  5. OF COURSE I’m free to chat with you..I’m simply concentrating on stirring the tomato pasta sauce so IT doesn’t stick and burn in the pot!!

    Would FRIENDS WITH SECRETS – 999+1 compliments and thank yous

    Liked by 1 person

  6. ma davvero? ma quella roscia…? ma quella che cha il marito che lavora alla posta, …?… si si, cha due figli maschi…si…no…si….no…si si e’ tanto bellino il tatuaggio…e’ una farfallina…si si, se la messa sul sedere…… ma davvero? ma se fatta fare pure la brasiliana!?… che dolore!…ma il marito che dice?…se la fa fare pure il marito? ma che so’ scemi per davvero?…mamma mia regha’, povera L’Italia!

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