A trip to Sicily and it’s Rather Fishy

I wouldn’t normally share photos taken in a supermarket. In fact, I wouldn’t normally take photos in a supermarket.

But Sicilian supermarkets are different.

First I got distracted at the fish counter.

Then I couldn’t decide which cheese to choose.

Moving in closer didn’t help.

By the time we got onto the salami I was a wreck.

Let’s not forget some giant vegetables, shall we?

Carbohydrates, anyone?

Mamma Mia! I nearly forgot we would need a tiny weeny cup of authentic Italian coffee to finish our meal.


Christmas is coming!

Don’t forget the stocking fillers!


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  1. Ellen Hawley says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, carbs. I could skip everything else and head there.


  2. That looks like some supermarket.

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  3. Antonia Ryder says:

    Supermarkets are pretty personal stuff in Sicily. Salame cheese and dolce head the list over shaving cream and shampoo. Thanks for taking us behind the scenes of that beautiful special place! You’re great!!

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