Sicilian Enigmas part 1: Road Signs

Sicilians often complain that their road signs are ridiculous, hopelessly misleading or simply wrong.  They are probably just using this as an excuse for their wild driving.

Or are they?

This one got me so confused I even swerved onto the wrong side of the road.  Is there an underground cinema? A tiny weeny cinema hidden behind the car?  Is the car on offer for anyone who wants to go to a drive-in movie?


What do you think it means?  Answers in the comments box, please!

14 thoughts on “Sicilian Enigmas part 1: Road Signs

  1. I guess it is the meeting point for cinema visitors who are let in to the cinema just few minutes before the movie starts. “Queueing up here” could be the meaning? – I have strange experiences with Sicilian road signs, too … more than one time I took the wrong side road … – the reason is the philosophy of arrow signs: An arrow to the right, on the left side of a crossing means?


    1. Oh yes! I’ve been tricked by one of those.
      It caused a strage neurological event, where my brain did not know what to tell my arms to do, so they argued over which way to twist the steering wheel. I ended up doing a zig-zag for several metres…


  2. The sign is in Catania at a bus stop and it means you can queue here for the bus to the cinema an Acireale. The “Cinema” sign across the street is for the queue for the bus to the cinema in Palazzo Adriano.


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