Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve, Sicily

Lo Zingaro nature reserve, in San Vito lo capo, was Sicily’s first. We visited recently, and spotted a falcon flying overhead. There are also buzzards, ravens, hooded crows and thrushes.

The wild flowers include ferns, cyclamen, hollly bushes, lots of yellow mountain broom and this lovely flower. Does anyone know what it is?


There were some wild geraniums (below), huge wild fennel plants and lots and lots of wonderful wild rosemary.

IMG_20140330_133025 - Copia

There are brick-built barbecues discreetly hidden by olive trees, so you can have a proper picnic, Sicilian style. After eating, we went for a walk on the beach – the reserve includes 7km.

IMG_20140330_150027 - Copia

The reserve includes four museums about nature, farming, the sea and – the one I really want to see – a museum of manna.


I would also like to sneak in at night, since the nocturnal residents of the reserve include little owls, tawny owls, foxes, and lots and lots of bunnies!


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  1. Daniel says:

    Wow that’s beautiful, what an adventure


  2. Lena Sbeglia says:

    Very interesting  Beautiful pictures – keep them coming.  Angela Faia



  3. Expat Eye says:

    So idyllic! If that was Latvia, they’d have a load of wheelie bins and a skip in full view 😉


    1. To be honest, that’s rather Sicilian too! 😉
      I was very pleased that even the barbecues were disguised in a rocky cliff and a rustic roof of olive branches. It was so perfect it almost looked too good to be true!


      1. Expat Eye says:

        Sounds like they got something right 😉 I was at a holocaust memorial site here a couple of weeks ago – huge red skip blocking the path.


  4. T. Franke says:

    You really want to see this paradise at night, a paradise for “little owls, tawny owls, foxes, and lots and lots of bunnies” … errr … bunnies *and* foxes? Gulp! I can imagine what happens at night there, when the tourists are gone … 🙂


    1. Ha ha! But you know how bunnies breed – they have to provide something for the foxes to eat, whilst the foxes have to keep the rabbit population under control.
      I think that’s called the harmony of nature….. 🙂


  5. frankieandgiuseppe says:

    What a well-executed public park (for Italy!). Looks like a corner of paradise.


  6. Anonymous says:



  7. Inkivääri says:

    That plant you ask is asphodelus.


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